Green Moon

S005 Steady and the Indigara


  • Rosco wakes up to find Shiralee stealthily leaving. She says it’s time to part ways.
  • Before she leaves, Rosco asks about what she knows about the stone acorn/“Keepsafe”. She says she senses the person who made it for Rosco, and it’s part of something bigger. “There was more than just him.”
  • Shiralee leaves.
  • Emerald is not there. Left a token to show she’s gone out, but it feels different this time, as it’s weird she’d leave Rosco with a stranger.
  • Rosco clears the way on the road.
  • Em returns, neck fur a bit scruffed.


  • Rosco arrives at Steady. The sign says “Home of the indigo dye and happy hearts”. Indigo flowering plants beneath the sign.
  • Rosco hears a heated conversation near 2 tents next to wooden building. Townsfolker Peter needs this space, but refugee Jill with 4 kids needs it too.
  • Rosco warns them about the beast and convinces Peter to let the refugees stay 2 more days but has to agree to work out their accommodation after then.
  • Rosco enters tavern called Steady As She Goes, with innkeeper Bollard.
  • Bollard shared info about refugee situation: not enough jobs, housing, etc. Mayor Jeremy Hanson not doing enough to help.
  • Rosco offers root veg as trade for food, but Bollard gives food for free. Bollard gives free whipped foreign plant (mousse).
  • Rosco goes to Hattie’s Hat Shop. Fancy sign out front with stylised hat logo in indigo. Inside there are racks of hats, well lit by lamps.
  • Hattie greets Rosco and picks out a hat for him to try on – indigo top hat with black ribbon.
  • Hattie gives Rosco a coupon for Felipe’s Fineries in the city, Hattie’s reseller.
  • Rosco delivers the wool to Hattie.
  • Hattie and Rosco chat.
  • Rhiannon appears from the back room of Hattie’s. Hattie straightens up her shoulders and beanie. Rhiannon blushes and smiles at Rosco and disappears out back.
  • Rosco tells Hattie about the beast. She meets Em an says she’s a big beautiful girl.
  • Hattie gives Rosco a tour of the workshop, proud and excitedly. Workshop looks like there should be more workers in there. Hattie explains that she hired Rhiannon as a refugee from Pillet but meant she had to reduce the wages of the other 2 assistants. They’re now on strike.
  • Hattie educations Rosco on indigara – each plant produces only a couple of edible berries which produce vibrant, well setting dye.
  • 150 people from Pillet arrived, and 80 stayed. Steady’s population is 300.
  • Rosco goes around the back to give the Pillet kids back Repecka, as requested by Kelly. Two children “attack” Rosco. The older kid Stephen lets Rosco know about his own intentions to marry Kelly once he’s old enough. Terry the dad is tired and chats with Rosco. Sherry “catches” Rosco. “It’s a… cow!” She runs away when Terry suggests she slaughter Rosco.
  • Rosco goes to a farm to investigate the “blight”. Farmer Annie is hacking at bushes.
  • Rosco witnesses Annie firing her farmhand Kev as she can’t take the risk that him being a refugee is what’s bringing the blight to her farm.
  • Rosco talks with Kev. Rosco gives him his tent to find other refugees and help them.
  • Rosco investigates the blight on Annie’s land. Weird weeds and lots of strange bushes, like in Encroaching Forest, but also mutated/bloated lheat and so on. Grown rapidly in just a week. Looks like some has grown and some has appeared. Size of living room.
  • Rosco finds epicentre. Taller plants, like maroon, bursting tomatoes. Finds magpie feathers – looks like it exploded. Finds indigara plant with big berries.
  • A frilled lizard thing with thorns on it confronts Rosco. Rosco calms it down. “Shh-ch-ch-ch-ch”.
  • Rosco goes to two adjoined farms and finds exploded magpies in their blight patch too.
  • Rosco asks Annie about magpies – they do come and get into theproduce. But don’t roost around here.
  • Rosco goes to the inn for dinner. Hattie is shmoozing, Rhiannon is sitting by herself with a drink. A man (Claud) and a younger man (Dennis) cast glances in her direction; they’re the striking workers.
  • Rosco sits with Rhiannon. She’s a bit awkward and blushing. They drink rum and Rosco adds his own limes. They eat fried lheat and combo meats.
  • Rosco shows Rhiannon Shiralee’s baggy of Pillet keepsakes. Rhiannon takes the tailoring kit – it was hers and her grandfather’s before that.
  • Rhiannon asks Rosco to look at something in her room… “Just pretend to be into me or something…” Leads him to her room, then shows him the indigo flowers and green stems growing out of her head (been hiding it with the beanie). It started after coming to Steady. She’s worried she’s causing the blight.
  • Rhiannon says she’ll show Rosco where the indigara berries are harvested tomorrow.
  • Rosco and Rhiannon converse.
  • Next day Rhiannon leaves early to go do some work.
  • Rosco goes downstairs in the inn. Notices split between the villagers and the refugees sitting at tables.
  • Hattie comes in and gets lheat cereal with oboberries (from a few provinces over).
  • The Shadowy stranger in a grey hood from Lundy is there, quietly observing.
  • Rosco checks out the stranger and gets talking with her. She asks his thoughts on the Encroaching Forest. He tells her about balance. She asks what would happen if all the roads had to be continually cleared. Rosco says people would have to adjust, but there’d probably lots of death and resistance from city folk.
  • A scream!
  • Behind Hattie’s shop Dennis is dead with plants growing out of his guts.
  • Rhiannon is kneeling next to him in shock. Her beanie gets knocked off to reveal her head plants.
  • The crowd calls her a witch.
  • Rosco stands by Rhiannon and does a good speech.
  • Mayor Jeremy Hanson arrives a gets the scene cordoned off and orders Rhiannon to be held in custody.
  • Rosco points to evidence in crime scene (tracks, berries, etc) that it wasn’t Rhiannon. Mayor agrees to allow him to investigate and if enough evidence is presented then he won’t have to call on Juris Agramant.
  • Rosco and a guard called Richard – who seems like a smart young man – follow tracks to a patch of indigara plants that have burst through their bird netting. Magpies nearby. Big bush with weird bark near centre. Knot in the trunk that bark stripes skirt around.
  • Rosco hacks into the centre of the tree, but a big purple-tinged magpie attacks Richard. Rosco kills it.
  • Rosco hacks out a d6 sized lumpy green crystal with little purple bits in it. It feels muted.
  • Rosco and Richard take the magpie body back.
  • Hattie confirms the berries are abnormal.
  • Claud is grieving at his friend’s body. Tells Rosco about Dennis’ aspirations to become a rival indigara dyer to Hattie. Dennis went out to the berries himself, collected some berries, and was trying to start his own business. Must’ve eaten or touched the freak berries too much.
  • Rosco sends Em to console Claud. Pet therapy.
  • Guards to inform Dennis’ parents – in the city.
  • Rosco explains everything tot he Mayor, and the Mayor releases Rhiannon. Rhiannon runs and embraces Rosco. Hattie arrives and hugs everyone.
  • Rosco performs magpie autopsy. Normal but its stomach lining and bowels are thicker and tougher. Berry seeds had sprouted but shrivelled in its guts.
  • The town asks Rosco to do a propagation plan for the indigara. Some refugees with get food and board in exchange for enacting the plan. Corrupt plants are to be uprooted and burned. Hattie to put in money to fence and net the bushes. The town may go into debt with this, so future money will go into the town. Hattie doesn’t agree with the plan, but she and the mayor continue discussions.
  • Rosco keeps the crystal.
  • Captain Steph arrives with a cart full of supplies for refugees.
  • Rosco talks with Eliah before she leaves. She says “I think you have much potential, Rosco Thorne” (he never said “Thorne”). Says he need not fear. Rosco wouldn’t have heard stories of “us”. “We have lots in common… do not try to find us. We will contact you.”
  • Em watches Eliah intently.
  • Back at the inn, Rosco makes Steph laugh and suggests they travel together, and cuts Rhiannon’s weird head plants off.
  • Kev tries to buy a drink for Rhiannon.
  • Hattie approaches Rosco, flirts, and leads him off towards her shop/house for the evening.
S004 The Beast and the Shiralee


  • Rosco is 6 or 7.
  • Going deeper into forest near his home because of feelings and other stuff.
  • Hears growls and yells so he goes further in to help.
  • Small rocky clearing. There’s an old man fighting 3 wolf things – spiky, purple, slavvery, shadowy. He smacks at them with his stick.
  • The man is older, bald pate, short white hair with dirty grey. Medium length beard. Big nose with a chunk out of it — old scar. Memorable feature. Wears deep maroon-purple robes with fine trim. A bit fancy.
  • He grabs something from ground, does something with it, throws it at wolves. It sparks. He tells them to go away and stuff in another language.
  • 3 wolves flinch at the sparks, but recover and look like they’re just messing with him.
  • Rosco grabs rocks, throws them and screams and waves a stick as he runs in.
  • Biggest, baddest wolf with a ‘bung-eye’ chomps into old man’s side.
  • Rosco runs in and screams. Wolves and man stop and look at Rosco.
  • Bung-eye seems to order the smallest wolf to look after the old man. Other 2 stalk Rosco.
  • Rosco yells at them to ‘Leave him alone!’ and they seem to hesitate at his words. They try to go at him again but he yells at them again and they seem confused and reluctant, but after more commanding the littlest one leaves, then the others leave.
  • Rosco goes to old man, who is bleeding out, though a bit hard to see since he has such deep coloured robes.
  • Old man looks at Rosco and says, ‘Born… of the Green Moon…’ He then grabs something near him and pushes it into Rosco’s hand, to his chest. ‘Keep… safe!!!’ Explosion of light, then old man falls dead, eyes smoking.
  • In Rosco’s hand is a stone acorn.
  • Since then, Rosco has kept the stone acorn around his neck, near where the old man pushed it. He doesn’t take it off ever. He placed it around his neck with a leather shoelace he was wearing that day. Rosco took the man’s words as a mission to keep the acorn safe, but sometimes wonders how he got out of there alive. Perhaps the acorn may be keeping Rosco safe… but it didn’t do much for the old man.
  • Calls keepsakes ‘keepsafes’.



  • Spent last night with Kelly. At 4.30am she kisses Rosco and heads out to work.
  • When wakes up finds parchment with chicken drawing ‘Gone to work. See you downstairs for special breakfast’. Rosco heads down and breakfast is a good spread with off menu special spiced mushrooms, Kelly’s favourite. Sweet and salty.
  • Captain Steph asks Rosco to go to Steady to check on them. Haven’t heard from them since recent influx of Pillet refugees. Clear road if needed. She’ll bring supplies later.
  • Once Rosco reaches Pillet, Steph asks him to send Pigeon #37 (that she gives him) to say it’s clear. Rosco accepts mission.
  • Steph’s heard a creature has been lurking around Pillet/Lundy outskirt farms.
  • Kelly asks Rosco to return Repecka to Pillet kids – they’re now refugees in Steady. ( Quest)


  • On the road, Em heads out and back and seems unsettled.
  • Crossbow bolt tries to hit Em. It’s a fat farmer, Vellop. ‘Stop taking me sheep, you bloody bastard!’
  • Rosco talks with Vellop who realises it’s not Em taking the sheep. It’s another creature. Sleek, sly, chunky cat, bigger than Em. Wolf? But flat snout. Upsets sheep.
  • Gives Rosco wool samples to give to the shop Hatties Hat Shop. ( Quests. Hat shop appropriate because there’s a purple flower nearby that provides purple dye, good for felt for hats.
  • Vellop’s wife is a gossip monger with a pigeon, and has heard there’s unrest in Steady because of the refugees.
  • Rosco: ‘May the sun be with you when you need it.’ Vellop: ‘May the lheat be thick in your fingers.’ They part ways.
  • Rosco tracks the creature. More heavy footed than Em, but probably same type of creature.
  • Em is agitated about Rosco tracking the creature.
  • Rosco tracks the creature to overgrown Pillet.
  • ‘Oh shit!’ A woman bursts out of a side alley on a horse and gallops straight for Rosco. The creature chases behind. The woman yells ‘Run!’ and Em bolts.
  • Rosco fires an arrow at creature but misses.
  • Rosco jumps up on horse. Woman says ‘What are you doing??’. Rosco: ‘Running!’
  • The beast slashes the rump of the horse (caramel with black nose and hooves – very beautiful).
  • Rosco shoots beast with arrow in shoulder. It slows and stops.
  • The beast is 1.5 times Em’s size.
  • Rosco calls for Em and she appears. She and beast look at each other from afar and evaluate. Em roars! (highly unusual). The beast roars, louder and deeper.
  • Em turns and follows Rosco. Beast limps away.
  • After more galloping away they slow. Woman checks Rosco out and says flirtily, ‘Hello there.’ Wriggles hips into him as they ride on.
  • Introductions. Her name is Shiralee. They get acquainted – she’s been appropriating things from Pillet, but won’t sell to previous owners; that’s classless.
  • They stop and set up camp, flirting.
  • Rosco tends to Buster the horse’s wounds with poultices and magic.
  • Shiralee makes a ‘pretty mean stew’ and they eat, chatting. She doesn’t see the appeal of forests. Prefers pampering.
  • Shiralee thinks Buster is too good and nice, too much a liability because recognisable. Needs to sell.
  • Shiralee throws a bag at Rosco to take to Steady and give the items inside back to their owners.( Quest). Rosco sniffs it. Shiralee: ’It’s not poop.’ Rosco: ‘How often do you throw poop at people?’ Shiralee: ‘How often do you smell things people throw at you?’ Rosco: ‘Pretty often! Smells like a random assortment of stuff.’ Accurate. They’re sentimental items from Pillet. Giving them out of the goodness of her heart lol.
  • Em’s lying in Rosco’s lap. Repecka tied by leg.
  • Shiralee keeps brushing past Rosco.
  • Then suddenly Rosco feels nature all around him in intimate detail. One with nature even. Naked. But also vulnerable.
  • Em bolts up and seems to ask, ‘What just happened?!’ though her mouth doesn’t move. Rosco says ‘I don’t know!’
  • Shiralee asks him what this is — it’s Rosco’s stone acorn necklace. She stole it!
  • Rosco is confused. ‘My keepsafe!!!!’ and grabs the necklace back.
  • Shiralee is annoyed that Rosco didn’t play with her to get it back.
  • She apologises for taking the acorn. But wants to touch it and does. Says ‘Yeah, you shouldn’t take that off. Sorry.’
  • Rosco thinks that Shiralee may be a kind of opposite to him — not a mundane person.
  • Rosco wants to know why he shouldn’t take the acorn off, and Shiralee says the person who made that for him desperately wanted to keep Rosco safe. And maybe more than just Rosco safe. She’s knows this because she senses things from things.
  • They make up, and flirt more, and converse with flexible variety.


S003 Pillet and the Intestvines


Rosco is about to leave to go to Pillet and investigate the kidnapping of Tan’s mother Beryl the Butcher who was taken by an intestvine from the Encroaching Forest down the ridge. Then the forest took over fast. Also, Tan said that Shep the sheep shepherd went out looking for a lost sheep and went missing previously.

  • As leaving town, Kelly runs up and, blushing, asks if Rosco can keep an eye out for a red hen called Repecka who she gave to some Pillet kids for a pet.
  • Also gives Rosco a little baggy of breakfast/lunch — bacon and egg roll with optional side of spinach and mushrooms. And salt and pepper. And a pear. And some kibble for Emerald.


  • Rosco arrives at Pillet outskirt fields. No people or animals. But not covered in vines either.
  • As approach town, lots more weeds than normal. Red tinged.
  • The town covered in grass, flowers, and trees in the middle of places they shouldn’t be. Some red tinged.
  • Unfamiliar bird sounds.
  • Tan’s house overgrown. Big tree in the middle. Looks like the tree just appeared, rather than grew.
  • Out the back, to the butchering shed. Finds where Beryl was dragged.
  • Notices the blood draining channel from shed goes down the ridge.
  • Forest denser towards the ridge.
  • Green Moon watch compass is spinning more when in forest. Before that, was pointing to Pillet, which is east, not north.
  • Rosco makes a rope out of vines to get down the ridge because Em can’t find a way down. As they climb down, the rope frays and they fall a bit, with Rosco taking the fall and a bit of damage and they roll down the hill.
  • Forest of many different trees, ferns, vines, tripping roots, moss on north side. Moist, fecund smells, breeze in upper canopy but still down here. Some red tinged plants around.
  • Notices suckers at the bottom of the shed’s blood drain are all connected in root/vines which come from further in forest.
  • Rosco hears something and hides. Repecka appears. Rosco grabs her and puts her in his backpack.
  • Follows vine trail deeper into forest. Darker. Things get more maroon coloured.
  • Finds animal bones with remaining flesh of a sheep being eaten by strange flies.
  • Finds a big, throbbing flower, pulsing bulb, blood swelling through it. Vines like intestines leading to it, entwining around animal carcasses. Skeleton also there. There’s a vine stuck in the neck of a still-alive sheep.
  • Looks like an overgrown version of a symbiotic flower that normally eats bugs. Perhaps it overate and mutated?
  • And around the other side, a recently dead person, and a still living person! Beryl!
  • Vines lunge! Hurt Rosco’s shoulder. Em defends Rosco. They fight it together, cutting vines.
  • Called shot to the bulb. It retracts its vines.
  • They run in and hack Beryl out, and deathblow to the flower. It haemorrhages and bleeds everywhere and thrashes. And dies.
  • Rosco heals Beryl a bit by smearing mud on her.
  • Beryl remembers Rosco. Gave him meat 5 years ago during the famine to share with the needy.
  • Checks the corpses. The recently dead person is Shep (wool clothes). The skeleton has a leather pouch with coins and a tiny crystal.
  • Rosco realises Pillet is a lost cause. Won’t be able to clean it up.
  • They head to Lundy, Rosco letting Beryl know about Tan and the stick-up.


  • Arrive back in Lundy.
  • Reunite Beryl with Tan.
  • Beryl gives Rosco a good, solid machete (a.k.a. ‘ Baachete’ with sheep head pommel.
  • Rosco debriefs Captain Steph. She thanks him for his assistance and says she’s glad he’s around.
  • Rosco gives Repecka to Kelly who is very thankful.
  • Kelly awkwardly, blushingly shows Rosco to his new room after he has a shower.
    Invites her in and they converse. She’s cute and sweet.


S002 Stickup at Farmers Delight
Two desperate young men try to rob the place


Rosco is relaxing in the Farmer’s Delight tavern after the day’s adventure with the badgers.

  • Mertice Verity is energetically performing on stage with a fiddle as Rosco arrives.
  • Her first set finishes and she bows (showing cleavage) and winks at Rosco.
  • Bumbling boy arrives onstage with a slightly larger string instrument and they play a duet.
  • Dinner crowd with families getting into it.
  • Mertice finishes set, then goes and leans over the bar to get something (showing off her butt to Rosco).
  • Mertice and Rosco eat together and chat. Mertice goes wherever the story lines take her — but Rosco thinks she says ‘story lions’. lol, personal joke.
  • Mertice has heard in more than a few towns over the Encroaching Forest ‘ate’ the town and displaced people.
  • Rosco talks about his spirituality – Path of Serres.
  • They drink stolichiniyas (ginger ale, lime and vodka) from Vresknyah.
  • Mertice tells a myth story about stars, storks and death.
  • Play footsies under the table.
  • Nubile waitress Kelly asks how dinner was, blushes at Rosco. Rosco and Mertice both check her out.
  • Mertice has 10 minutes before next set. Invites Rosco backstage to show him around. They converse.
  • Mertice is about to start her next set, but Em alerts Rosco to impending something from the front door. Rosco kisses Mertice: ‘I have to go save the day’. Mertice: ‘My hero…’
  • A man busts in with a crossbow, demanding money. A second man comes in with a sap.
  • Rosco notices the sidekick is flustered.
  • A 3 year old kid calls the main bad guy a ‘fuckhead’.
  • A shadowy stranger in the corner rolls their eyes but lets themselves be ushered in with the rest of the hostages.
  • Rosco figures that the main bad guy doesn’t really want to be doing all this, but he’s twitchy and might smack the kid, and the innkeeper/barkeeper Liza has a crossbow behind the bar.
  • Rosco shoots the main guy in the arm and he drops his weapon. * Em pins him. Rosco grabs the crossbow and points it at the sidekick. Sidekick has what looks like an explosive.
  • Rosco sends Norman to get the guards and asks Karen to watch the room.
  • Rosco talks to sidekick Grigion.
  • They’re from one town over, Pillet, destroyed by the Encroaching Forest. They need money to live. Can’t get jobs — all jobs taken, even streetsweeper.
  • Rosco offers Grigion a job at his mothers’ farm.
  • Rosco takes the bomb.
  • Main bad guy, Tan, is struggling. Em is pinning him and the shadowy stranger is stepping on the man’s ankle to stop him getting up.
  • Tan’s mother was taken by an ‘intestvine’. It cut her throat and dragged her away. Rosco thinks she could still be alive.
  • Rosco offers help. Tan is rude about it, but ends up accepting help. Rosco pays for a few days’ board and food at the inn for the two robbers.
  • The guards arrive – including Steph, Captain of the Guard – and go to arrest them. Rosco says he’ll speak for them and help them.
  • Activities resume at the tavern. Mertice starts her next set to get everyone happy again. Flirts with Rosco from the stage.
    Shadowy stranger has already left.
  • After the set, Mertice and Rosco converse more.
  • Mertice thanks Rosco for saving them. It’ll make a good story.


S001 Badger Family


Mayor Ken Weathersby of Lundy has tasked Rosco with stopping the creature that has been killing chickens, pets, and going through garbage. Been happening since Juris Agramant ordered the militia to burn the forest to stop it encroaching. A mysterious river appeared and stopped the fire burning deeper into the forest. Rosco has tracked the creature to the edge of the burnt forest.

  • Rosco tracks the creature. Sturdy, low to ground, sharp teeth.
    Sees human tracks. Looks like a scuffle. 2 people with the creature.
  • Follows further to see two town militia (Norman and Karen) fighting a badger thing with bony plates on it.
  • Rosco hurls himself in front of militia woman as she is swinging axe down on badger. Hurts his shoulder.
  • Realises badger thing is a baby. Mama will be around!
  • Tells militia to get up on ridge and goes there.
  • How to fight? Bins that were overturned didn’t have processed food…
  • Mama barrels in. 4x bigger. Up to Rosco’s chest. Leaps in front of baby and bellows.
  • Rosco throws ration packs at her. She doesn’t like them and backs away, but still snarling and scary.
  • Stupid militia man decides to attack. ‘For Lundy!!’ but Rosco gets him to stop.
  • Pushes her back with rations down to the river (with Em’s help directing there).
  • The river is shallow and weird. Closest half is burnt and yuk, but furthest half all pretty and sparkly and alive.
  • Mama lunges at Rosco up in his grill with her big teeth and big brown eyes. Very scary. Gets his scent. A warning.
  • She puts baby on her back and goes across the river and disappears into the Encroaching Forest.
  • Rosco hears a deep growl/bellow from forest and birds flit away. What was that??
  • Em kind of indicates that Rosco should not go over river. Just let it go.
  • Rosco does sketches of river.
  • Rosco ties ribbon to trees to remind him about badger territory.
  • Chats to militia on way to Mayor’s house.
  • Meets Prudence Weathersby (Mayor’s wife) at Mayor’s house.
  • Mayor Ken Weathersby chats to Rosco about collecting hobby and about the assignment.
  • Asks Rosco for mementos from assignments. Rosco gives him a slobbery ration from this assignment.
  • Rewards Rosco with 15 coins, pick of his collection, small bag of lheat.
  • Rosco chooses the Green Moon watch compass (only to borrow and test though), and a curious knotwork pouch belt. Mayor got both from op-shops.



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