Friendly farm maiden

  • Lundy waitress and farmgirl.


  • Waitress at Farmer’s Delight Tavern and Inn. Starts work at 4.30am.
  • 22 years old.
  • Nubile; Strawberry blonde; Cute freckles; Shapely.
  • Sweet; A bit unrefined; Cute; Thoughtful; Forgetful.
  • Wears barmaid dress and apron at work.
  • Raises chickens, including Repecka.
  • Parents died. One from disease, the other in a farming accident. She’s ok with it.
  • Favourite breakfast food: Spiced mushrooms. Salty but flowery, like musk. Salt, maple, cinnamon.

Rosco’s Relationship

Met Rosco: In Lundy at Farmer’s Delight (before game started).

Rosco’s thoughts: Thinks she’s lovely and may want to settle down with her and have a simple farm life some day.

Em’s attitude: Friendly towards Kelly. Kelly is friendly back.

Attitude to Rosco:

  • Blushes at Rosco’s attention.
  • Thinks Rosco is brave, admirable and worldly, and that she’s too sheltered for him.
  • LI.

Future: Gave Rosco the quest of returning Repecka to her owners who used to live at Pillet but are now probably at Steady. Hopes to hear from him.

Features in…

S002 Stickup at Farmers Delight
S003 Pillet and the Intestvines
S004 The Beast and the Shiralee


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