Mertice Verity

Traveling performance artist



  • Appearance: Sexy; Smart dresser, though something not quite proper fancy; Luxurious fabrics; Happy to show off cleavage.
  • Travels and plays for money. Goes wherever the story lines take her.
  • Flamboyant; Loves the spotlight; Draws attention; Charismatic; Dramatic storytelling and songs.
  • Civilisation reliant.
  • Brother – Older, ‘entrepreneur’ type. Blows his money and delusional. Don’t see much of him.
  • No significant other.
  • People think that Mertice is a fairy folk from the deep forest due to her enchanting voice. (This is funny because she doesn’t know anything about surviving in nature).

Rosco’s relationship

Met Rosco: In Lundy (before the game began) when he was there to deal with the Encroaching Forest.

Rosco’s thoughts: Rosco suspects she’s in Lundy hiding a secret mission because she’s so obvious. Seen moments where she’s noticed something to do with her mission. Is she an assassin? Gathering information on the frontier? Friend? Foe? He doesn’t feel like she’s using him. She seems genuine. He thinks her mission is probably compatible with his.

Em’s attitude: Cautious but friendly enough to pass as amiable. Mertice is curious and tries to engage.

Attitude to Rosco:

Future: Left Lundy just before Rosco. Travels around, but might see Rosco again.


“I go wherever the story lions take me.”
(lol, personal joke with Rosco)

Featured in…

S001 Badger Family
S002 Stickup at Farmers Delight

Mertice Verity

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