Green Moon

S002 Stickup at Farmers Delight
Two desperate young men try to rob the place


Rosco is relaxing in the Farmer’s Delight tavern after the day’s adventure with the badgers.

  • Mertice Verity is energetically performing on stage with a fiddle as Rosco arrives.
  • Her first set finishes and she bows (showing cleavage) and winks at Rosco.
  • Bumbling boy arrives onstage with a slightly larger string instrument and they play a duet.
  • Dinner crowd with families getting into it.
  • Mertice finishes set, then goes and leans over the bar to get something (showing off her butt to Rosco).
  • Mertice and Rosco eat together and chat. Mertice goes wherever the story lines take her — but Rosco thinks she says ‘story lions’. lol, personal joke.
  • Mertice has heard in more than a few towns over the Encroaching Forest ‘ate’ the town and displaced people.
  • Rosco talks about his spirituality – Path of Serres.
  • They drink stolichiniyas (ginger ale, lime and vodka) from Vresknyah.
  • Mertice tells a myth story about stars, storks and death.
  • Play footsies under the table.
  • Nubile waitress Kelly asks how dinner was, blushes at Rosco. Rosco and Mertice both check her out.
  • Mertice has 10 minutes before next set. Invites Rosco backstage to show him around. They converse.
  • Mertice is about to start her next set, but Em alerts Rosco to impending something from the front door. Rosco kisses Mertice: ‘I have to go save the day’. Mertice: ‘My hero…’
  • A man busts in with a crossbow, demanding money. A second man comes in with a sap.
  • Rosco notices the sidekick is flustered.
  • A 3 year old kid calls the main bad guy a ‘fuckhead’.
  • A shadowy stranger in the corner rolls their eyes but lets themselves be ushered in with the rest of the hostages.
  • Rosco figures that the main bad guy doesn’t really want to be doing all this, but he’s twitchy and might smack the kid, and the innkeeper/barkeeper Liza has a crossbow behind the bar.
  • Rosco shoots the main guy in the arm and he drops his weapon. * Em pins him. Rosco grabs the crossbow and points it at the sidekick. Sidekick has what looks like an explosive.
  • Rosco sends Norman to get the guards and asks Karen to watch the room.
  • Rosco talks to sidekick Grigion.
  • They’re from one town over, Pillet, destroyed by the Encroaching Forest. They need money to live. Can’t get jobs — all jobs taken, even streetsweeper.
  • Rosco offers Grigion a job at his mothers’ farm.
  • Rosco takes the bomb.
  • Main bad guy, Tan, is struggling. Em is pinning him and the shadowy stranger is stepping on the man’s ankle to stop him getting up.
  • Tan’s mother was taken by an ‘intestvine’. It cut her throat and dragged her away. Rosco thinks she could still be alive.
  • Rosco offers help. Tan is rude about it, but ends up accepting help. Rosco pays for a few days’ board and food at the inn for the two robbers.
  • The guards arrive – including Steph, Captain of the Guard – and go to arrest them. Rosco says he’ll speak for them and help them.
  • Activities resume at the tavern. Mertice starts her next set to get everyone happy again. Flirts with Rosco from the stage.
    Shadowy stranger has already left.
  • After the set, Mertice and Rosco converse more.
  • Mertice thanks Rosco for saving them. It’ll make a good story.


S001 Badger Family


Mayor Ken Weathersby of Lundy has tasked Rosco with stopping the creature that has been killing chickens, pets, and going through garbage. Been happening since Juris Agramant ordered the militia to burn the forest to stop it encroaching. A mysterious river appeared and stopped the fire burning deeper into the forest. Rosco has tracked the creature to the edge of the burnt forest.

  • Rosco tracks the creature. Sturdy, low to ground, sharp teeth.
    Sees human tracks. Looks like a scuffle. 2 people with the creature.
  • Follows further to see two town militia (Norman and Karen) fighting a badger thing with bony plates on it.
  • Rosco hurls himself in front of militia woman as she is swinging axe down on badger. Hurts his shoulder.
  • Realises badger thing is a baby. Mama will be around!
  • Tells militia to get up on ridge and goes there.
  • How to fight? Bins that were overturned didn’t have processed food…
  • Mama barrels in. 4x bigger. Up to Rosco’s chest. Leaps in front of baby and bellows.
  • Rosco throws ration packs at her. She doesn’t like them and backs away, but still snarling and scary.
  • Stupid militia man decides to attack. ‘For Lundy!!’ but Rosco gets him to stop.
  • Pushes her back with rations down to the river (with Em’s help directing there).
  • The river is shallow and weird. Closest half is burnt and yuk, but furthest half all pretty and sparkly and alive.
  • Mama lunges at Rosco up in his grill with her big teeth and big brown eyes. Very scary. Gets his scent. A warning.
  • She puts baby on her back and goes across the river and disappears into the Encroaching Forest.
  • Rosco hears a deep growl/bellow from forest and birds flit away. What was that??
  • Em kind of indicates that Rosco should not go over river. Just let it go.
  • Rosco does sketches of river.
  • Rosco ties ribbon to trees to remind him about badger territory.
  • Chats to militia on way to Mayor’s house.
  • Meets Prudence Weathersby (Mayor’s wife) at Mayor’s house.
  • Mayor Ken Weathersby chats to Rosco about collecting hobby and about the assignment.
  • Asks Rosco for mementos from assignments. Rosco gives him a slobbery ration from this assignment.
  • Rewards Rosco with 15 coins, pick of his collection, small bag of lheat.
  • Rosco chooses the Green Moon watch compass (only to borrow and test though), and a curious knotwork pouch belt. Mayor got both from op-shops.



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