• Next town over from Lundy.
  • Rosco was there 5 years ago. They donated food which Rosco distributed during the famine.
  • Overrun by the Encroaching Forest.
  • Rosco saved Tan’s mother Beryl the butcher from the bloodswell flower (a.k.a. intestvine) and rescued Repecka the hen.
  • Rosco declared the town unlivable.
  • Villagers who survived probably fled south to Steady.
  • By S004 the red plants are losing their redness thanks to Rosco killing the intestvine.

Former Residents


Featured in…

S002 Stickup at Farmers Delight (mentioned only)
S003 Pillet and the Intestvines
S004 The Beast and the Shiralee


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