Captain Steph

Serious guard captain in the sticks



  • Serious person.
  • Looks severe; Steely eyes; Black hair tied in tight bun; Hawkish; Strong; Fit.

Rosco’s Relationship

Met Rosco: In Lundy after he dealt with the robbery at Farmer’s Delight.

Rosco’s thoughts: If she has some drinks and lets her hair down she might have some interesting things to say.

Em’s attitude: Quietly observant of Steph, and Steph is the same towards Em.

Attitude to Rosco: Appreciates Rosco’s efforts in S002 Stickup at Farmers Delight and S003 Pillet and the Intestvines. Trusts him to do good.

Future: Has asked Rosco to do a number of quests, including clearing the way through to Steady and check on the people there.

Featured in…

S002 Stickup at Farmers Delight
S003 Pillet and the Intestvines

Captain Steph

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