Mysterious moss leopard companion

  • Moss leopard.
  • Animal Companion (stats) – See Moves.
  • Command – See Moves.
  • May have some kind of ESP.


  • Appearance: Green-blue eyes; Greenish fur.
  • From the encroaching forest’s world, apparently.
  • Demanding, especially of tummy rubs and food.


  • Looks at and reacts to things Rosco can’t see/understand.
  • Sometimes senses things before they happen.
  • Unusually intelligent.
  • Sits at still, reflective water under the Green Moon.

Rosco’s Relationship

Met Rosco: Around the time things started going weird in the world, Rosco went deeper into forest than ever before. Accidentally fell down a ridge. Attacked by something strange (couldn’t see it but would recognise if saw it again). Em scared it off and saved him, but got hurt. Rosco tended her wound with a poultice. He saw intelligence in her eyes. Came back during the next month to gain her trust. Waited quietly as she tested him. She started following him, then allowing him to scratch her (as per her demands), then by his side, then following commands. Now she accompanies him on his travels. Been together for 5 months when the first session started.

Rosco’s thoughts: Not sure what Em is or what exactly she can do.

Em’s attitude: Very friendly with Rosco. Shows her weird side to him. Bosses him around.

Future: Seems to be happy to hang around with Rosco, but does go off and do her own thing sometimes.


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