Wandering thief/object reader

  • Rogue.
  • Object reading powers.
  • Has a stolen horse, Buster.


  • Blond; Lean; Svelte; A bit too thin; Some muscles. Shoulder length hair. Pert and small hips. Energetic figure.
  • Wears smudged shirt, dark tight pants with holes.
  • Has powers to read the history of made objects.
  • Appropriates objects from overgrown towns like Pillet. But says she doesn’t like to resell to original owners. That’s classless.
  • Dexterous and flexible.
  • Doesn’t really care for nature.
  • Unsettled. Doesn’t quite know what to do with herself, especially given her powers.
  • Likes manicures, pampering, oil massages (back and front).
  • Has a stolen horse called Buster. Caramel with black snout and hooves.
    Shiralee thinks Buster is too good and nice, too much a liability because recognisable.

Rosco’s Relationship

Met Rosco: When running away from Pillet in S004 The Beast and the Shiralee.

Rosco’s thoughts: ??

Em’s attitude: Seems unsure of Shiralee. Shiralee seems suspicious of Em.

Attitude to Rosco:

  • Likes him well enough, but seems to be Just looking for a good time and getting on with her own business, not wanting to get involved.
  • LI.

Future: Wants to move on, always on.

Featured in…

S004 The Beast and the Shiralee


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